Introduction of BMA connector:

BMA connector is a blind connector that can be provided with fixed and floating mounting models for cable and panel mounting applications. The size of BMA is similar SMA connector, working frequency up to 18 GHz, depending on the configuration and selected cable. The design of BMA protects the spring contacts and provides reliable inserts.

BMA coaxial connectors are our regular products. If you can't find the right connector or cable assembly what you need, we can customize the design per your requirements. Therefore, we offer OEM and ODM services for various RF connector. We will provide you with integrated RF solutions.

Horsin provides a full range of RF coaxial connectors, from SMP, MMCX, MCX , SMA, SSMA, SMB, SSMB, SMC, SSMC,4.3-10, Din 7/16, N etc . in the same time ,we are supply alternative IPEX. which supply to do standard products ODM and custom-made products OEM Service.